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The Clutch Release Bearing This applies force to the release levers or fingers In doing so the release bearing disengages the clutch The release bearing is designed to operate with minimum friction between the rotating and stationary points of contact If noise develops from the bell housing area a few checks can be done Jul 30 20192017 Armada Plat Does anyone else have a noisy AC clutch? On mine it is pretty constant and it's not just when it engages But from outside of the car there is a distinct rattle The dealer could not hear it one time I had it serviced but did a second time and replaced

AC Compressor Clutch and Noise Repair

Jun 20 2014There are some cars that need a special tool to remove the clutch drive plate however (GM) I try to suggest to replace the whole compressor at work as a clutch for some applications is almost as much as a replacement compressor Then there is a full warranty on the repair also Replacing the idler/tensioner bearing was a good thing to suggest

Jun 23 2013This thread was about the gap being too wide but to answer your question if the clutch assembly is available for your A/C compressor it will come with a new bearing Sent from AutoGuide App 1994 F-350 7 3 IDI Turbo crew cab E4OD 4:10 L/S LB Dually Photos

Nov 04 2017I successfully replaced my AC bearing in my '99 QX4 There is an excellent video on youtube showing how it is done just search Denso 10PA clutch bearing replacement The replacement bearing is a QIBR or NAPA AC2 Other bearing numbers might be QIBR40GS11DS or QIBR 40BD219DUK or Nachi 40BGS11G2DS It cost me $44

I have a bearing noise in my air compressor clutch assembly and I am unable to locate a replacement pulley Everyone tells me you can only buy a whole A/C compressor I have had the pulley off and am able to replace it it's such a bummer the bearing is pressed in and locked down! Anyone know of a source for the air compressor parts?

With the A/C on the air flow will stop after a while especially when the ambient temperature in the cabin is not hot enough to keep the coils from freezing It happens at this time of year but not in the summer heat when the inside of the car is hot I do use the A/C now because of the radient heat from the sun and it is just plain old needed

GM A/C Compressor Clutch Pulley Bearing Saga

For the ACDelco A/C compressor P/N 1136521 the clutch pulley/bearing parts are: Clutch: P/N is 15-40048 Cost: $62 10 (Autopartstomorrow) Pulley: P/N is 15-20038 Cost: $111 85 but doesn't include the bearing (from autopartstomorrow) Pulley/bearing assembly: P/N is 15-4615 Cost $117 77 (autopartstomorrow)

Nov 18 2013Went to take a look at mine while I was doing my thermostat and found out it's VERY bad I'd rather not spend $300 on a whole new compressor Walky Talky this is where you chime in because I have a feeling you've dealt with this in the past

Automotive Air Conditioning Forum - Topics Funny AC Funny pressures Video Replace Clutch Bearing or Clutch Pages: 12 help diagnose noise ? Strange to me POA system problem Help w/Nissan A/C and owner's fading memory Chrysler Sebring a/c not working

If we wouldn't put the part in our own vehicles we won't sell them to anyone else A new aftermarket replacement Nissan part from 1A Auto will save you 30-50% on average over a comparable new OEM replacement Nissan part that you would get at a dealership and our new aftermarket Nissan parts are also extremely durable and reliable

Jan 16 2017I understand one of the suppliers is valeo can't remember the other supplier 2nd hand valeo currently going on ebay but this require a re-gassing once changed ideally would like to replace the bearing as the air con does still work its just causing an intermittent rattling noise that can get quite loud

Jul 26 2007Turning off the AC (via button) when I heared it the squeal would cease at that moment the switch was hit I began to wonder if what I was hearing was a bearing? I ran the AC at idle with the intention of hitting the belt with a little belt dressing The squeal did not re-appear

Sep 13 2012While just the clutch release bearing (CRB) can be replaced if not checked in time this can lead to a bent clutch fork (the mechanism that pushes or releases the clutch inside the clutch housing) which can then lead to pressure plate problems (bent fingers on the plate) and ultimately a change of the entire clutch assembly

Jun 22 2016So we have a 2005 Frontier and a 2006 Pathfinder the Pathfinder started making a sound that made me think the timing chain tensioners needed to replaced Upon doing some research I found a video that pointed out the A/C clutch bearing and showed it's replacement (On another vehicle type) I

Clutch Replacement ?

Dec 01 2014Hi idk if i came to right part of the forum but i own a 1992 s10 4 3 with a 5 speed just wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to install a new clutch i put a new master and slave cylinder ive bleed 2 small and 1 large dot 3 break fuild through and still no pressure so im assumeing its the clutch culd someone help/correct me thanks!

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Jun 20 2014There are some cars that need a special tool to remove the clutch drive plate however (GM) I try to suggest to replace the whole compressor at work as a clutch for some applications is almost as much as a replacement compressor Then there is a full warranty on the repair also Replacing the idler/tensioner bearing was a good thing to suggest

May 31 2012So I took the clutch appart and noticed that the wobbly-ness is because there is not a tight fit between the rotor and the bearing (either the rotor is worn or the bearing needs replaced) So my question is has anyone ever replaced either the rotor or the ball-bearing by either buying new or from a junk yard?

May 20 2020As you turn the clutch hub there should be minimal resistance A bad clutch will lead to a bad compressor and vice versa We recommend if one goes bad both should be replaced Step 5: With the engine running turn the AC to its coolest setting and the fans to the highest setting Open up the hood and listen for the AC compressor and clutch to

Need a repair estimate on your Nissan? Make sure it's a fair price Get an estimate for parts and labor for your car in your area AC Compressor Replacement AC Compressor Replacement Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement Nissan Rogue Most Common Repairs for this Model: AC Compressor Replacement CV Boot Replacement Engine Oil Cooler

Oct 10 2011Dropped it off at our local Nissan dealership to get the services up to data and found out the car was in great shape BUT the clutch needs to be replaced Going back through the maintence history I found one place where they priced out a clutch at 42 000 km's The clutch makes a funny squeek when engaging and is very very stiff

Dec 11 2013Going through gf's new 97 850 Manual Non-turbo w/216k Most of the pulleys are making noise including the A/C compressor when it freewheels It works just fine but the pulley has some resistance when it's spun and is making a light grinding noise as if a brake is being applied to it